A New Hangout for Teens that will help them transform their dreams into realities. RTC collected data on where America’s Youth spend their money. All of these retailers & Manufacturers are being urged to participate, which will enable RTC to fill both the child’s and their friend’s social media pages with positive images of college. 

Every 29 seconds a child drops out of school, 3,030,000 children per year! Many wonderful organizations out there are offering excellent programs that could have helped these kids get into college. But no one has been able to discover a way to motivate kids into wanting to get an education, until now.  Rock the Classroom (RTC) is a nonprofit organization that is embarking on a National Public Service Campaign that seeks to take our youth’s favorite pastime, music, and use it to inspire kids to stay in school, and go on to college! 



Finding your Passion
The Rock the Classroom Website 
Which Path is Right for You?

What is the number one reason kids are so uninspired about school? They have no idea what they want to do with their lives!


"Who are you" helps teens discover where their talents lie and what their gifts are.  Who are You features Aptitude Tests Personality Tests and Segments on discovering your gifts and utilizing your talents & interests to choose a career that is right for you,  

Once kids know what they want to do, RTC helps them discover which educational path is right for them,  and connects students to info about college & vocational programs, grants, student loans & scholarship listings

and RTC's innovative new college funding portal.   All while providing students with access to mentoring, affordable textbooks, and identity safe housing leads. 

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